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  Kings School, Wrexham Road, Chester.

Box office  07544 144 445






For more information about being in the show, or helping out back stage or front of house, contact me, or any member of the production team.






Chester Gang Show 68 Years On                            

Chester Gang Show began as "Scoutabout" as a joint venture between the 8th & 13th Chester Scout Groups back in 1953. We ran for two nights plus a matinee, starting on a very cold Friday night the 16th of January, until Saturday 17th. The original venue was in the Cathedral Refectory fitted out with a stage, while the dressing rooms were in the cloisters; if there was ever cause for a haunting by the original occupants that was it.                           

Within three years we moved on to another historic but more appropriate berth, the original Victorian Chester Royalty Theatre where we performed until 1965. From then on we moved to The Chester Gateway Theatre in 1969 after two shows in the enormous ABC Cinema. When the Gateway theatre closed, we had to find a new venue. We ended up at the Kings School, Chester for the next 3 years. The school then closed their hall for refurbishment, and we had one year at the Catholic High School.                           

Our longest serving producer (Roy Fisher) with 32 shows to his credit steered the ship until 1995 and we received the Scout Association Gang Show Red Scarf award in year 2000, when Matt Davies had taken over. The next two producers were Richard Clarke, (up to 2007 after which we finally left the Gateway Theatre), and then Keith Harding in 2008, when we transferred to The Kings School until 2010. Now, we are in the process of producing Gang Show 2022 which will be appearing at The Kings School. That, in a nutshell, is a an abbreviated version of our tale of rags to riches but, if you want to find out more, click on the Gang Show History or the Appreciation of Roy Fisher items on the menu.                           

65 Shows to date                         

Having finally coped with a transition to the Kings School Hall just over the Dee in Wrexham Road, in 2010 we managed to achieve what was (by general and independent confirmation) one of our best efforts so far, as our contribution to the centenary of Scouting in Chester. Look out for Information for the 2023 show, again at the Kings School.  Check out the show website for more details.









  Roy Fisher



On stage at the Gateway.

On stage at the Gateway



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  The 2018 Gang.